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Video Of the Show,
Modalisboa, Cascais.

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Look Book Pictures
Photo: Angela Azevedo
Hair and Makeup: Bruno and Nelson Vieira
Models: Luís Brito e Raquel (Best Models)
Very Thanks to: Reto Crameri and Kristna Puljan
Vitor no PÚBLICO
Vitor no METRO 08-10-2009
We've got label! Building a Brand and a Collection at the same time.
Overcoat (huge) inside label. Design: Joana Machado.
Photo: Vitor w/ Kristina's Puljan Camera


“Late on Saturday
A teenage boy is shot dead by police in Exarchia, a district of central Athens long associated with lawlessness and drug abuse. Two police officers have been charged - one with murder and the other as an accomplice. (...)

Protesters chanting "cops, pigs, murderers" hurl petrol bombs at Athens riot police. Helicopters hover over the demonstrators and clouds of teargas erupt in the streets. Officials report 30 people injured, including police, firefighters and bystanders. Looting is rife. (...)


The Greek Communist party announces a mass rally in central Athens for tonight and the socialist Pasok opposition calls for peaceful mass demonstrations. University professors start a three-day walkout and many school students stay away from class in protest. (...)

Cars and pedestrians return to the streets of Athens as Greeks go back to work, but with a 24-hour general strike scheduled for Wednesday against pension reforms and the government's economic policies, many Greeks fear the demonstrations could last for days."

Mark Tran /, Monday December 8th of 2008 10.47 GMT

Design of a dress for a performance.
May those who are wounded seek no refuge but shed their blood in the world
Performance by Carla Cruz in the OpenAir Festival Beijing. Thank you Carla!

Revival of an old collection (re) presented in Macedonia. Diamond Dogs.

1st.pic Macedonia Square with "Skopsko" beer ad.
2nd.pic Fitting in the OperaHouse of Skopje.(photo: Mikel Aldeguer)
3rd.pic Me with the collection sunglasses. (photo: Mikel Aldeguer)

Work in Progress - Watch the Greek Collection S/S 2010 (photo: Pedro Sequeira)
Something you may or may not see on the catwalk. ModaLisboa 10-10-09 15h
Work in Progress - Watch the Greek Collectio S/S 2010 (Photo: Reto Crameri)
Something you may or may not see on the catwalk. ModaLisboa 10-10-09 15h

Vítor Bastos, born in São Paulo in 19-01-1986, comes to Portugal in 2004 and gets based in Porto, where studied Fashion Design at CITEX (Centro de Formação da Indústria Têxtil).
In the second year he participated at the contest Jovens Criadores (Young Creators) in Lisbon. Later, in 2009, he is invited to represent Portugal in the international Biannual young Creators to be placed in Macedonia in September.
In the same year he founded the brand OFILHOBASTARDO (thebastardson) and won the best collection and best male outfits in the contest Acrobactic. In the next year he participated in the project Workstation promoted by ModaLisboa (Lisbon Fashion Week) with the collection, White Trash.

Called Vitor, the new brand is a sum of the designers course has the perspective of renewing the commercial values, where all the pieces are unisex worked in a simple yet innovate way.
The First Collection has the name “Watch The Greek” and its inspired in the happening in the last December in Greece. The pieces float between formal and conceptual influences, with revolution symbolisms and information of the antique Greece and Molotov cocktails.

This collection will be presented in the next edition of ModaLisboa, (Lisboa Fashion Week) in Portugal. If you are interested in watching the show, buying the collection for your shop, or further info of the brand. Please contact_